2019 Edi-Asp Snr Coaching Changes….


To Edi Asp FC Committee, Sponsors, Players and Supporters

It is with great sadness that our own Mark (Fitchy) Fitcher (Reserves Coach) has decided to step down in 2019 to spend some valuable time with his amazing family. Fitchy lead his reserves to the 2018 Grand Final which was a significant highlight in 2018 for both Fitchy and the club. Fitchy will take a break as Snr Reserves coach but will still play a key role for the club in 2019, and whilst spending quality time with his family.

It is also with great pleasure we announce that Dermot Cleary has been appointed as Reserves Coach for 2019. Derm joined Edi Asp in 2017 from Oakleigh Districts in the VAFA as a key Snr player. Derm has played over 256 Snr Games with VAFA, Eastern Football League and MPNFL. Derm has also represented the VAFA state side. In 2018 Derm supported Graeme Yeats as Snr midfield coach and shared his football knowledge and key insights.
We are really excited to see Derm take on a great opportunity and continue the great work Mark Fitcher has set up…

In other moves Peter (Cuddles) Mannix has decided to step down as Assistant Coach with Graeme Yeats. Cuddles has been a key assistant coach in supporting the Snrs forward line and a mentor to the Snr players. Cuddles years of experience of both VFL and local football has been a key to the last few years and success of playing finals football in 2018… We thank Peter for his time and ongoing support to Edi Asp and I’m sure he won’t be far away watching both his boys Steve and Tim and their success and enjoying quality with his grandson Archie….
Also after 11 amazing yrs Michael ( Fat Rat ) McKay has decided to step down as Assistant Coach also, and will look forward to spending some quality time with his young family. Mick has given 11yrs to Edi Asp as a Snr Assistant coach and has supported several key and successful coaches through his time. One of Mick’s great success was with Troy Shannon (Edi Asp Snr coach) with winning the 2013 MPNFL Premiership. Mick’s knowledge of local football and opposition will be truly missed. I’m sure we will continue to see Mick enjoying himself watching the boys with a few beers.

We are currently in interviews with some great coaches to support Graeme Yeats in 2019 and will make further announcements once they are appointed.

Shane Ward

Football Operations Manager

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